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Wedge Wire Screens

Wedge Wire Screens also known as V-Wire Screens /Profile Wire Screens/Non-clogging screens/ Self cleaning Screens/Johnson Screens are multipurpose media with characteristics of toughness and clogging resistance. The slot (mesh) suitable for the application is formed by triangle shaped wires at equal intervals. They can be used for filtration, solid-liquid separation, classification, dewatering, concentration, etc. regardless of industry or location.

Features of Wedge Wire Screens

  • Non Clogging
    • The ” triangle shape,” which is the most important feature of the Wedge Wire Screen, means that as solids pass through, the contact points are small and the tips of the slots are widened, sucPrecise |h that solids are less likely to clog, and even they do clog, there is a strong backwashing effect, resulting in excellent maintainability.
  • Mechanical Strength
    • Screens can be made with wire diameter larger than the slot giving it good strength.
    • Lower wear and tear of screens due to the presence of a smooth surface.
    • Support members can be customized for different applications.


  • Precise Aperture
    • Due to extremely accurate manufacturing process, precise apertures can be achieved in wedge wire screens.
  • Custom-made
    • Screens can be custom made for various applications such as flat, cylindrical or conical.
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